Waiting for james to come home…. #vscocam

These two #vscocam

Love #vscocam

Cake for 4 #vscocam

Love these mornings here #vscocam

New 2 wheels #vscocam

When it’s quiet #vscocam

The dog #vscocam

Our couples are sooo great!! Thank you!! @jonboy_p we love this! #vscocam

Salts mill with the greenwoods! Lovely :) #vscocam

Funny what you find when you’re out with the family! I was like - “I know them! They’re our friends!” Ha ha! #vscocam

It’s just me and the chief this weekend as james is shooting a wedding in the Cotswolds & I have one near home in the morning! missing his daily brilliant ideas and laughing at/with him!think it’s the longest time we’ve spent apart since the start of the year #vscocam #missyou

This landscape… Always changing, always so incredibly beautiful… #vscocam

Lovely evening with this cheeky lady :) #vscocam @kirstinhalstead

For my little ones- Sometimes I realise the choices I made mean that our lives are a little more separate and I know it’s a different way for us now. I just hope for you my beautiful boys, that one day you might understand I did it for all of us, in the hope that one day we will be free from our own boundaries. Life isn’t always what you know…. There’s so much more out there. It’s not even what’s right or wrong… Just to be happy & laugh more is enough #vscocam #missyou